Al Gilliam of Alaska Cross Country Guiding looks out from the wilderness to the water below.
Al Gilliam of Alaska Cross Country Guiding looks out from the wilderness to the water below.
Alaska Cross Country Guiding
Alaska Cross Country Guiding

Professional Hunting Guides in Alaska

Al Gilliam


Master Hunting Guide, age 71.


Al lives year-round in an original 1926 homestead log cabin that overlooks the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, 26-miles from Haines, Alaska. He has maintained his year-round residency since 1976.


Before becoming an Alaska big game hunting guide, Al trapped wolverines, martin, and wolves during the winters, and he worked seasonally as a timber faller cutting old-growth trees in various remote, frontier logging camps scattered across Southeast Alaska from Ketchikan in the south to Icy Bay in the north. He first started outfitting hunters in 1983 and became a registered guide in 1989. Al is also an experienced prospector and the owner of a gold mining operation. 


Al is a dedicated writer, and his adventure stories have appeared in Sporting Classics, Sporting Classics Daily, and The Alaska Trapper. An excerpt from his book-of-memoirs-in-progress has recently been selected to appear in the Alaska Sporting Journal. 


Our introductory slideshow on the homepage highlights 37 years of many of Al’s local Haines, Alaska backcountry experiences, as well as the scenic grandeur of the Haines area. 


In 1992 Al was one of the first Alaska hunting guides to promote archery hunting of Brown Bears when he guided Archery Hall-of-Fame longbow hunter Dan Quillian on his successful ground-harvest of a beautiful Brownie.  Today, Al retains an accident-free and violation-free record as a hunting guide, which has propelled his status to that of a licensed Alaska Master Guide. A large portion of his past clientele became personal friends and repeat hunting clients.  He maintains a Coast Guard Captain's license and is trained in Wilderness First Responder first-aid/rescue, as well as EMT 1.


Al has years of service dedicated to the local Fish and Game Advisory Committee where he participates in the creation of Alaska’s hunting laws and he routinely stays in touch with biologists in regards to game population, dynamics, and habitat concerns.  He also proudly enjoys a solid relationship with the Alaska Wildlife Troopers in their mutual quest to promote legal, ethical hunting while protecting Alaska’s wildlife from illegal forms of harvest.


Alaska Cross Country Guiding presently has a team of two assistant guides that have been selected by Al, based on local knowledge, hunting experience, and compatibility with clients, as well as medical/first-aid skills, and dedication to honoring our hunting heritage by providing high-quality experiences to our visiting clientele.

Isaac Deuling


Assistant guide, age 36


Isaac has a long history in the guiding business for such a young man.  He lives near me in Haines, Alaska, but has dual citizenship between the U.S. and Canada.  He cut his teeth as an assistant to his father’s independent horse packing business which served British Columbia.


Isaac has had a professional hunt guiding license in Canada since 2003, where he has participated in well over 100 big game hunts, and he has experience guiding and horse packing over much of B.C., the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories.  He knows many of the outfitters in northwest Canada where he continues to work when not guiding in Alaska.


Isaac is a prime source of information for hunters who desire to hunt with us and then progress to Canadian species such as Dall Sheep, Mountain Caribou, Stone Sheep, Mountain Grizzly, or other big game.


In 2011 business owner Al Gilliam started training and exposing Isaac to the prime hunt areas of the greater Chilkat region. Since then, all of Isaac's hunters shot a Goat, and on average, they have taken larger Billys than any other guide we have ever employed.


Isaac is also a local helicopter ski guide, and he maintains credentials in avalanche prediction and rescue, fire-arm safety training, back-country rescue, and advanced Wilderness First Responder/first-aid.


The following photo gallery profiles Isaac's career as a Canadian Hunting Guide and as a Helicopter Ski Guide in Haines, Alaska:

Bret Bohn


Assistant Hunting Guide, age 34


Bret Bohn was born and raised in Alaska, and his father works in the guiding profession.  He shot his first caribou at age seven and has since dedicated his life to pursuing an Alaska career in aviation and the outdoors.


Bret holds a Bachelor of Science degree in “Science of Aviation Technology” from the University of Alaska, and he is a registered Alaskan hunting guide, presently working for me in the capacity of a Registered Guide.  Bret has eight years of experience guiding hunters in Alaska, and he has successfully completed dozens of hunts ranging from Southeast Alaska to Kodiak Island and the Alaska Peninsula. 


Bret is very experienced in judging game animals, and he has specialized in guiding Mountain Goat and Brown Bear hunts. All of our Goat and Black Bear hunts that Bret has guided for me have been successful.


Additionally, Bret travels extensively as a private hunter, with trips to Idaho for elk, Colorado for Cougar, and Saskatchewan for Deer.  He also has 15 years of experience trapping in Alaska, and he is a trained Polar Bear guard for one of the Alaska pipeline services. Bret holds a certificate from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Hunter Information and Training Program: Basic Hunter and Bow Hunter.


Bret also holds a certificate of training in Wilderness and Remote First Aid/Blood Borne Pathogens as well as Adult AED Training and Standard First Aid.

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