Al Gilliam of Alaska Cross Country Guiding looks out from the wilderness to the water below.
Al Gilliam of Alaska Cross Country Guiding looks out from the wilderness to the water below.
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Alaska Black Bear Hunts

Alaska Black Bear Hunts, Southeast Alaska Black Bear Outfitter Overview:

There is no other area of Alaska which offers better opportunities to harvest a wider range of color phase Black Bears than in our hunt area.  


Approximately 35% of our Black Bears are of a color phase which ranges from nearly white, to blond, copper, blue and chocolate. Occasionally a bear may have darker colored legs than the body, or have some other unusual color scheme.  Some bears are so unique that they are locally called a “line-back cinnamon bear,” because of a distinctive reddish colored line which runs along the spine of some copper-colored bears.

The majority of our clients selectively harvest color phase bears.

Both spring and fall Black Bear hunts may be either cabin or tent based hunts.

It is not legal to hunt spring Black Bears over bait in our hunt area until the close of the Brown Bear season on May 31.  

Spring Black Bear season extends through June.

It is not legal to hunt Black Bears over bait during fall hunts.

Mature Black Bears will commonly reach a size of between 6 and 7.5 feet squared.

Weapon: Archery, Hand Gun or Rifle.  Minimum caliber:  .25-06



Hunt Description


Black Bears can be combo hunted at the same time, and location, where we are hunting spring Brown Bears.


We also conduct spring Black Bear hunts independent from Brown Bear hunts, and while conducting a single species Black Bear hunt, we may opt to hunt south facing mountain-sides as opposed to the low-land areas where we would normally be concentrating  our efforts for combination Brown and Black Bear hunts.



Hunt Description


During fall months many of our Black Bears are at elevations of between 2,000 and 3,500 feet where they are primarily feeding on low-bush blueberries.  


The vegetation in those areas is in general very short, and the blueberry bushes are not much over ankle high.  The Black Bears are usually right out in the open areas where they are feeding on berries during mid-day.  That unique situation provides a prime opportunity for a spot-and -stalk hunt with a very high probability of success.


This hunt can be conducted either as a day hunt, or as a back-pack overnight hunt of multiple days in length. We generally access the hunt area on foot, and occasionally by four-wheel drive.


We do have locations in the lowlands where Black Bears are feeding on salmon and berries, but some Black Bears shy away from some of the fish creeks where Brown Bears are congregated.


In some hunt locations, we can book a hunter in on a high probability fall combination Black and Brown Bear hunt on a fish creek, but the majority of fall Black Bear hunts will be booked as a single species hunt, or combined with a Goat hunt before mid-October.


In mid to late October most Black Bears are starting to den-up for the winter.


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