Al Gilliam of Alaska Cross Country Guiding looks out from the wilderness to the water below.
Al Gilliam of Alaska Cross Country Guiding looks out from the wilderness to the water below.
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Alaska Mountain Goat Hunt

Alaska mountain goat hunt, Southeast Alaska mountain goat outfitter overview:

It is a scientifically proven fact that the Mountain Goats of the greater Haines area are the largest bodied Mountain Goats in Southeast Alaska, and they are very likely the largest Goats in the world.


Over many years of hunting gigantic Billy Goats, my claims of harvesting 400 pound Mountain Goats were dismissed by biologists… until the Alaska Department of Fish and Game recently instigated a Mountain Goat survey in which they darted and weighed several animals within our permitted Guide Use Area.  Imagine their surprise when they discovered that the mid-summer weight of some Billy Goats exceeded 390 pounds.  I know that we have harvested fall-weight goats that exceeded 420 pounds.


It is a local genetic anomaly that causes our Southeast Alaska Mountain Goats in the Haines area to grow to such immense proportions, and to harvest one of our unique “Gorilla Mountain Goats” in fall pelage is to harvest one of North America’s most prestigious trophies.


The horns of our mature Billy Mountain Goats have unusually thick bases, and they will commonly reach a length of nine and three-eighths inches, and some Mountain Goat horns may occasionally reach a length of ten inches or longer.  We have taken several Billy Goats that qualified for the Boone and Crocket Record Book.


The Mountain Goat pelts in the Haines area of Southeast Alaska start to winter-up in late August, and by early October they are approaching winter- prime.  Prior to months end, the pelts are fully winter-prime.


The winter pelage of mid-to-late season Mountain Goats are always superb world-class trophies, no matter what the horn length may be.


Weapon: Archery, Hand Gun or Rifle.  Minimum caliber:  .25-06



Alaska Mountain Goat Hunt Description

Our Haines area, Southeast Alaska Goat hunts can be booked as a mid-season or a late-season hunt.  We do not conduct early-season August Goat hunts because the true value of a Mountain Goat trophy is the pelage.


Mid-season Southeast Alaska Mountain Goat hunts usually entail an elevation gain of from 1,500 to 3,800 feet.


Late-season Haines area, Southeast Alaska Mountain Goat hunts usually take place under 1,500 feet, and during November and December we sometimes shoot Goats without leaving the river bottom or the ocean beach.  However, winter conditions mean that you usually earn your Goat, even if you do not climb far.  


Master Guide, Al Gilliam has a long history of conducting late-season, rugged Haines area Southeast Alaska Mountain Goat hunts that will test the mettle of any man or woman.


Our Mountain Goat hunts may be tent camps supported by canoes which we “line” up river with all of our gear on board, while wearing chest waders and ice cleats.  In other instances we may conduct a hunt out of one of our remote cabins, and at other times we may day hunt from a roadway or even be dropped off on an ocean beach from where we ascend the nearby mountain.


Our wide variety of Mountain Goat hunting options is, in part, related to the manner in which our Mountain Goat herds are micro-managed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.  We have several Mountain Goat management areas within our guide use area, and each location has its own quota.  When the quota for each area is reached, it is shut down to additional Mountain Goat hunting.

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